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Zeeba Ville

Following my attempt to be free of the Rat Race by 10-10-10.

What's new on the web?

Monday, March 01, 2010

Have doing a lot of writing lately, a bunch or studying as well. Still looking forward to that big day of working from home. So - what's been up the last few weeks. I've been hanging out a lot at The Keyword Academy, great site. We just started a Hubpages challenge, 50 new hubs with proper backlinking in 45 days. I think I'm up to it - had a good start today writing about cool chairs. Tomorrow's will probably be about tub chairs. The idea is to do the Hubs in groups of 5 similar phrases.
Created two new websites in the past few weeks, one about travelling and the other called The Antique Chair Guide. Having fun with both of those.
Busy - busy - busy. I'll pop by soon with another update.

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Corrugated Mailers and Flying Time

Saturday, January 30, 2010

Holy cow - time flies.

Two posts ago I had written about exiting the Rat Race by 10-10-10. That dream was more or less put on the backburner though I did continue with my blogs. Funny thing is that I had completely forgotten that I wrote it until a few minutes ago and I had, in fact, returned to the idea of doing just that late this year. I have just started the Shoemoney System and continued to work on my blogs. They are making some money now - just need to beef it up and keep plowing away. So I'll resume the agenda here.

I had just watched Court's build massive traffic 101. One of the best videos on keyword selection that I had seen. So - I picked a new keyword, Corrugated mailing box (there are a lot of these gems hiding in my bookshop blog). Did what Court mentioned and am now tracking the performance. Within an hour or so I made the first page on Google. Just need to get up to number 1 or 2 so that the Adsense cash follows. I hope to make $20.00/ month on this keyword. Not a fortune but it's a rinse and repeat kind of thing.

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new blog - little experiment

Monday, July 06, 2009

I am trying something new, new to me anyways. For the first time I have purchased a ready-made blog. All the blogs I've had in the past I have made from scratch. I was looking for a time saver and thought that it would be fun to try.

It's all about dogs. I've had a few dogs in the past so at least it's not a foreign topic. Supplying the world with free doggie recipes, health tips and some cool dog products seems like fun. If I make a buck or two it will be a nice bonus.

So if you have a dog why not check it out The Family Dog Blog

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What's new? 10-10-10 new retirement date

Saturday, May 09, 2009

Zeeba Ville has a new raison d’être.
I have made a goal of retiring from the rat race by 10/10/10. I made an attempt at doing just that back in 2005 with the wild idea of opening a used book store in Montreal. This site was first opened as a way to talk with my patrons from that shop. Here we are in 2009, the shop closed last year, I lost a small fortune but learned a lot. One of the main things that I picked up is that passive income is way better than very active income. The shop was very labour intensive and my family suffered from it. So my new goal involves keeping my 9 to 5 job while building passive income through a variety of websites. I’ll use this platform to keep you all abreast of my activities, see if what I’m trying to do is do-able and provide links to my other projects (both for you to follow the progress of and to help a bit with SEO). I haven’t decided if I should include dollar amounts. Perhaps I will if only to use as personal encouragement. 17 months to replace about $3000 a month in Salary – do-able ?

Here is my list of activities – it will surely evolve.

Zeeba Books – books on or about Montreal & Hockey

The Big Desk – personal blog on all that interests me

The Bookshop Blog – news and opinion on the bookselling world

The Hockey Writers

Hub Pages – short articles on just about anything

Yahoo Store – to be determined, perhaps maritime art ?

And this site Zeeba Ville – to follow all the rest.

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A recap on where I've been hiding.

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

It's been a while hasn't it. I won't go on about why I haven't been posting much, I hate when I see this on other blogs. The fact is that I've posted tons, just not much here. In the post 4 months we've posted about 800 articles on The Hockey Writers, one of the best hockey blogs around. Everything from Pittsburgh's Sydney Crosby to Ovechkin's stick. It's a joy running that site and if you love hockey be sure to check it out.

I've also revamped The Bookshop Blog and have tons of info on Opening a Bookstore. In fact we just had about 6 new writers join us.

And there is The Big Desk, my personal think tank, more like a gold fish bowl but fun none the less. I just posted a comparison of top blog's sidebars.

So there you have it. Tons of posts - just not here.

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Great Hockey Site

Sunday, February 22, 2009

Here I go again, bouncing from project to project. Well The Big Desk has been on the back burner since January. I may restart it this week. I've spent the past month starting up a new hockey blog called The Hockey Writers. We have 30 writers posting fresh original content every day on the goings on of the NHL. Wether you want to hear about Sydney Crosby or all about the Colorado Avalanche The Hockey Writers are worth a visit. I'm proud of the site we built and I think you'll like it.

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The Big Desk

Sunday, November 09, 2008

Just a quick note to let you know that I've just started up a new blog called The Big Desk. It is a combination personal blog and Men's Magazine. I hope to pack the pages with travel tips, great recipes, great interviews and websites along with a decent dose of opinion. Hope you enjoy it.
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